La Sylphide

Natalie Kusch dances 5, 7, 12 November 2011, 15, 29 January 2012.La Silfide

Ballett in two acts by Filippo Taglioni

Choreographer: Pierre Lacotte

Libretto: Adolphe Nourrit

Composer: Jean-Madeleine Schneitzhoeffer

Production: Manuel Legris, Elisabeth Platel

Dirigent: Peter Ernst Lassen



La Sylphide – Irina Tsymbal, Maria Yakovleva, Nina Polakova

James – Roman Lazik, Kiril Kurlaev, Shane A. Wuerthner

Effie, his bride – Natalie Kusch

ACT 1.

In a farmer's house in Scotland, James sleeps as the day of his wedding to Effie approaches. At his side knees a sylph, a winged white creature, who awakes him with a kiss. In vain James tries to take hold of the apparition. During the wedding preparations, Gurn confesses his love for Effie. Disguised as a soothsayer, the witch Madge reveals to Effie will marry Gurn in the end. Furious, James throws the witch out, and she swears she will have her revenge. Once James is alone for a moment, the sylph appears before him again. Enchanted, the young man confesses his love for her. Gurn has observed the scene from a hiding place, and hastens to Effie to tell her that her bridegroom has betrayed her. But the sylph remains invisible to the wedding guests – only James can see her. And so in the midst of the feast it appears he is torn between Effie and the intangible apparition of the sylph. The sylph succeeds in snatching from James' hands the wedding ring that was intended for his betrothed, and runs off with it into the forest. James follow her, leaving the weeping Effie behind.

ACT 2.

In the forest, the witch Madge and her sisters are brewing a magic scarf in a cauldron. Strange creatures are dancing in the clearing. James appears. As if he has taken leave of his senses, he is searching for the sylph. The evil-minded witch gives him the scarf that is to enable him to capture the intangible creature.
James has found the object of his desire among the hovering spirits. The sylph shows him her forest kingdom and invites him to take part in the dance with her companions. She tries to stay out of reach, but he lures her to him and succeeds in placing the scarf over her shoulders. Now she can no longer escape him! But as soon as the scarf touches her, the sylph's winds wither away and fall off, and the life seems to gradually drain out of her supernatural body. Too late, James realizes that he has just killed the one he loves. While Effie and Gurn, accompanied by the wedding guests, vainly seek the faithless bridegroom far away in the forest, James must watch in despair as the sylphs lift up their dead companion and carry her off through the air.





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