Hommage an Jerome Robbins

Jerome Robbins29.04.2011, Wiener Staatsoper – first night performance of ballet-director Manuel Legris



Choreographer: Jerome Robbins

Music by Philip Glass

Conductor: Koen Kessels



3, 5, 14, 29 may (night) 2011 dances:


Natalie Kusch – Shane A. Wuerthner

Kiyoka Hasimoto – Masayu Kimoto

Reina Sawai – Alexander Tcacenco and Ensemble


Olga Esina – Roman Lazik and Ensemble

3. Ensemble



Choreographer: Jerome Robbins

Music by Frederic Chopin

Grand piano: Henri Barda

3, 5, 14, 29 may (night), 1 June 2011 dances:

Natalie Kusch – Andrej Teterin

Olga Esina – Roman Lazik

Irina Tsymbal – Vladimir Shishov




ConcertChoreographer: Jerome Robbins

Music by Frederic Chopin; Re-arranged: Clare Grundman

Conductor: Koen Kessels; Grand piano: Henri Barda

14 and 29 (night) dances:
Natalie Kusch, Christoph Wenzel, Dagmar Kronberger, Viktor Meshcherekov, Celine Janou Weder, Attila Bako, Andrej Kaydanovskiy, Emilie Drexler, Eszter Ledan and Ensemble

In spite of his international reputation as one of the greatest creative personalities of the dance world, the ballets of Jerome Robbins (1918 – 1998) have so far been little performed in this part of the world. With three very different works created for the New York City Ballett, Vienna now presents a long overdue homage to an artist who has also entered theatrical history as a Broadway director/choreographer (West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof etc.). The works performed tonight by the Wiener Staatsballett originated from different periods in the creative life of this choreographic genius, and display the versatility of his creative talent. First of all ballet director Manuel Legris, who as an etoile of the Paris Opera worked under Robbins and appeared in five of the master's works, presents the late work Glass Pieces (1983) set to music by Philip Glass, an exponent of musical minimalism. This is followed by two works set to music by Frederic Chopin, In The Night (1970) and the early work The Concert (1956).

With Homage to Jerome Robbins, a program consisting exclusively of works by this outstanding creator of ballets can be seen for the first time at the Wiener Staatsoper. None of these three works has ever been performed in Vienna before.

By the program of the ballet "Hommage an Jerome Robbins" of the Wiener Staatsballett, 2011.




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