Don Quixote

DQBallet of Marius Petipa

28.02.2011, Wiener Staatsoper – first night performance of ballet-director Manuel Legris

Choreographer and producer: Rudolf Nurejew

Composer: Ludwig Minkus, re-arranged John Lanchbery

Scenery and costume designs: Nikolas Georgiadis

Don Quixote – Thomas Mayerhofer, Sancho Pansa, his knightly companion – Christoph Wenzel

Kitri/Dulcinea – Maria Yakovleva, Basil, barber – Denis Cherevychko

Two friends of Kitri – Natalie Kusch and Joanna Avraam



Don Quixote's study
Don Quixote, a country gentleman, believes himself to be a valiant knight straight out of the country romances which are his favorite reading. As he dreams, Dulcinea, the heroine of these stories and his vision of the ideal woman, appears to him. But his neighbor Sancho Panza, chased by servants from whom he has stolen a chicken, enters and disturbs his day-dreams. Don Quixote decides to make Sancho Panza into his knightly companion, and together they leave to take on the world.


A public square in Barcelona
Kitri, the daughter of Lorenzo, the innkeeper, searches in the crowd for her beloved, Basil the barber. Her joyous dancing is interrupted by her father who, wanting her to marry the rich and noble Gamache, repulses Basil. Kitri determinedly refuses this proposed marriage, the arrival of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza puts an end to their argument. Lorenzo offers his hospitality to the knight and invites him to his inn. Sancho Panza is a little too attentive to the girls and is teased and manhandled by the young people until Don Quixote comes to his rescue. When Don Quixote sees Kitri, he believes her to be his adored Dulcinea. Gallantly, he offers her his arm for a minuet. Gamache is furious. Kitri and Basil take advantage of the confusion to flee.


Scene 1: The gypsy camp
Basil and Kitri refuge in a windmill. They are discovered by a group of gypsies, who try to rob them. However, the gypsies soon realize the poverty of the young people, and decide to help them when they witness the arrival of Lorenzo and Gamache, followed by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, who eventually find their hiding place. The gypsies try to set Don Quixote against Lorenzo and Gamache. To this end, they install a puppet theatre where the story of the thwarted love of Basil and Kitri is played out. Caught up by the story, Don Quixote tries to come to the puppet lover's aid, and destroys the theatre.
Suddenly Don Quixote finds himself facing the windmill, which he attacks, believing him to be a gigantic enemy. He is caught up by the spokes of the windmill and thrown to the ground. The gypsies, disguised as ghosts, attempt to frighten the knight. Basil and Kitri manage once again to escape.

Scene 2: Don Quixote's dream
Don Quixote, wounded and half fainted, dreams that he is transported to an enchanted garden as a reward for his courage and fidelity. The Queen of the Dryads takes him to Dulcinea, to whom he dares to declare his love. But the dream evaporates.


Scene 1: An Inn
Basil and Kitri, happy to have escaped their pursuers, celebrate their success with friends at an inn. Lorenzo, Gamache, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza lose no time, however, in rejoining them. Lorenzo is absolutely decided that Kitri should marry Gamache. In desperation, Basil resorts to subterfuge and pretends to commit suicide. Kitri implores Don Quixote to help them, and the knight obliges Lorenzo to allow Kitri to marry the "dying" Basil. But as soon as her father has given his blessing, Basil jumps up gaily. Provoked beyond endurance by the trick played upon him, Gamache challenges Don Quixote to a duel, and is beaten.

Scene 2: The Wedding
In the midst of the great rejoicing at the marriage of Kitri and Basil, Don Quixote and his faithfull servant leave in search of new adventures.




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